Sarah Chang has learned from the following wonderful and knowledgeable hula and Tahitian instructors. During her childhood, these kumu shaped Sarah’s dance foundation. They have ultimately given her the priceless gifts of knowledge, travel, love of hula and Tahitian dance, culture, and life. She will be forever grateful to these teachers for showing her their dedication, talent, and brilliance.

Childhood Instructors:

  • Kumu Kapu Kinimaka Alquiza of Halau Na Hula O Kaohikukapulani since the age of 5 (her lineage is from Lovey Apana, Joseph Kahaulelio, and Frank Palani Kahala)
  • The late Kumu Frank Palani Kahala (Hula Kahiko)
  • The late Uncle Teitu Kame`enui (Tahitian)

College instructors:

  • Kumu Colsen Kanei of Halau Kawaianuhealehua (his lineage is from Kaha`i Topolinski, Michael Dela Cruz, Chinky Mahoe, and uniki by Frank Kawaikapuokalani Hewett)
  • Tunui Tully (Tahitian)

When she is not busy teaching private lessons and dancing shows, Sarah recharges by periodically taking workshops and classes from several other professionals, including:

  • Lloyd Chandler (Brigham Young University Tahitian drumming instructor)
  • Manarii Gauthier of Tahiti Mana (Tahitian cardio)



Highly intuitive, Sarah has always had an uncanny knack for sensing another person's feelings to the point of being able to "hear" what they are thinking, word for word.  This sense may best be compared to having 50 fingers instead of the normal 10.  Every experience is heightened.  

Consequently, when you allow yourself to be open, vulnerable, and to communicate clearly, Sarah is able to intuit your underlying needs and desires.  This provides a rich and deeply satisfying experience for both parties.  

This also means that in order to give you her very best, Sarah requires a bit more rest and rejuvenation than most.  For this reason, it is her standard procedure to have a minimum reservation lead time of 36 hours before each lesson or show.  Additionally, she is selective about repeat clients and very rarely instructs children, despite being an award-winning elementary school teacher for several years.

For best results, please adhere to these policies.  By working together as partners, we allow this talent to benefit Sarah's clients for years to come.



The idea for Wanna Hula® was born when Sarah was living in Japan and teaching English and hula. She was deeply homesick and missed hula, but could not find any good hula choreography. She found herself repeating the same songs she had already learned. Because she craved original movement, she vowed to one day start a hula business that would allow people from all over the world to easily learn hula and Tahitian choreography without the genres’ traditional restrictions: on video, on who may learn choreography, and on where and when it can be danced.

The main goal of Wanna Hula® is to spread sparkling aloha and restful healing through dance.  Because of this, Sarah sometimes takes innovative approaches.  For example, her contemporary "Be Yourself.  Hula Freestyle!" videos apply pop music to hula and Tahitian dance.

Not everyone agrees with Wanna Hula's philosophy, and it is not a reflection of the amazing traditional teachers from which Sarah has learned. However, spreading aloha and healing through alternative and contemporary means is what she has been called to do. Those who take her lessons and experience her shows understand what this means on a deep level.

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Because Sarah grew up in a modest home, she understands the importance of having food. She remembers her family of four sharing two pieces of meat one day. Hungry, a young Sarah asked her mother if there was more food and her mother, who barely had anything on her plate, gave Sarah her last pieces of meat and corn.

Since then, Sarah's clients all know that reducing hunger is her passion and she has been an avid supporter of the Hawaii Foodbank Inc. through monetary donations; through volunteering her time and support at the office, at Food Drives; and through salvaging produce and canned goods.

Thank you for being a part of the Wanna Hula movement. Like the airline analogy of putting your oxygen mask on first, please remember to take care of yourself first so that you can give to others more fully, making this world a better place one small kindness at a time.