Imagine dancing gracefully in scenic Oahu. You can feel the whispering breeze, smell the salty ocean spray, and see the golden sunshine shimmering playfully through the shady trees. Your favorite mele (Hawaiian for "song") envelops you as you move beautifully to choreography designed to fit your character, personality, and style. You drink in the deep kaona (meaning) of the mele, and you notice how every motion and step has worth.

  • Express and empower yourself through exclusive hula or Tahitian dance that is grounded in tradition, but comes with an original twist.
  • Connect your energy with the `āina (land) and the universe so that you are able to move with more purpose and confidence.
  • Follow step-by-step instructions and discover secret tips about how to look like a pro in no time.

While your luxurious experience will be unique and tailored to your specific needs and desires, many of our clients have naturally experienced the following:  

  • "I still get tears when I think of your hula!  You have touched my heart!"
  • "You were able to take my two left feet and turn me into a hula dancer."
  • "It's like your eyes can see into my soul."
  • "I feel like I have been reborn."

Ua kau i ka hano hāweo!

Let us transform our past into power and celebrate.

Ua kau i ka hano hāweo! 

Literally, "reaching the peaks of honor."  This is said of one who has attained a high position, and is used specifically in hula chants and songs.