Hula and Tahitian Dance Video




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Feel gorgeous, warm, sunny Hawai`i's essence via dance from the comfort and convenience of your own living room! 

Receive a pre-made video download in as little as 24 hours and impress your friends and family with your stunning rendition of dance (list of songs within they "buy" reservation link above).  

Or invest in a fully custom tailored video that includes a special heartfelt message from Sarah to you.  First, you'll have the option to copy and record a simple step-by-step video of motions.  Then, based on this video and any notes your provide, Sarah will create a unique Hula or Tahitian choreography that truly does reflect your best movements.

Check out what our clients love about us in these Yelp! Reviews

Thank you, Sarah for such a profound celebration experience. You have such a powerful video presence and an ability to make me feel as if I’m in the room with you.

I feel so celebrated and empowered by the dance.
Thank you for such a wonderful new way to take care of myself.
— Day H,.

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